Announcing a New Partnership (and DataDive!) with SAS

December 19, 2016

It’s official. SAS is the newest member of the DataKind family. Now, SAS is no stranger to DataKind. Our founder and executive director Jake Porway has had the honor of taking the stage at two SAS events, most recently the SAS Analytics Experience. We’ve also collaborated to help Boston Public Schools shorten school bus rides and lower costs and, like many friends do, even dodged our fair share of T-Rexes together.

SAS is also no stranger to the Data for Good movement. As Jake himself has said about SAS, “Data for good is in the DNA of this organization.” The company was actually founded helping farmers analyze agricultural data and has been involved in data for social good efforts from finding resources to rebuild a community in Nepal to helping improve patient care.

We are delighted to be partnering with such a kindred spirit on our first ever DataDive in North Carolina April 28-30, 2017 in Cary, NC!

Nonprofits, apply by January 16th for a weekend of pro bono data consulting!

We’re currently looking for project partners to work with and want to hear from any data-loving nonprofits, social enterprises or other social change organizations that are interested in seeing how data can maximize their impact. DataKind will consult with your organization to define your needs and connect you with a team of expert data scientists (including SAS employees!) to get the job done in just 48 hours.

New to data science? Not a problem. While companies like Netflix and Amazon use it to predict which movies we’ll like or recommend the perfect holiday gift, nonprofits are now using the same technology and techniques to instead reach more children in need or predict and prevent human rights violations, furthering their missions like never before.

DataDives are a fun way to start exploring, visualizing and getting the most from your data so you can cut costs, reach more people in need and predict future conditions to best allocate resources. Many DataDives even lead to longer-term projects and are often just the start of a beautiful friendship.

Let the data adventure begin! Nonprofits, apply by January 16 >


Excited to join us as a volunteer? Mark your calendars and get excited - volunteer registration opens in February. Stay tuned!