Our Team

Meet the DataKinders! We are a global team headquartered in New York City, with Chapters in Bangalore, Dublin, San Francisco, Singapore, the UK and Washington DC. We're a multidisciplinary team built up of coders and statisticians, community builders and partnership organizers, all united by a common mission to use data in the service of humanity.

Our Team

Jake Porway

Founder and Executive Director

Jake is a machine learning and technology enthusiast who loves nothing more than seeing good values in data. He founded DataKind™ in the hopes of creating a world in which every social organization has access to data capacity to better serve humanity. He was most recently the data scientist in the New York Times R&D lab and remains an active member of the data science community. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Statistics from UCLA.

Julia Rhodes Davis

Managing Director, Capital & Growth

Julia Rhodes Davis joined DataKind as managing director in fall 2015 and leads efforts for company growth and sustainability, including building an ecosystem of individuals and institutions working to leverage the power of predictive technology for the greater good. Before joining DataKind, Julia was a partner at Citizen Engagement Laboratory, an incubator and accelerator for tech-fueled social impact startups. Earlier in her career, she founded Production Collective, a New York-based social change consultancy that served organizations across the nonprofit sector. In 2012, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Julia launched resilience efforts in Brooklyn, NY and served on Gov. Cuomo’s New York Rising Reconstruction Program. Julia is currently on the board of Vote.org, an organization that builds technology that makes it easier to vote. When Julia’s not working with amazing change makers, she’s cooking, running or helping someone start a new project.

JeanCarlo Bonilla

Director of Insights & Impact

JeanCarlo (J.C) Bonilla is a technology and data management expert specializing in data-driven decisions, technology strategy, and insight delivery. JeanCarlo has over ten years of experience in cross-functional roles with responsibilities encompassing analytics solutions, strategic planning, technology selection and implementation, staffing, coaching, and resource and budget planning. At DataKind, he leads programs operations, ensuring programs are designed to achieve maximum impact. JeanCarlo started his career as a process engineer in the semiconductor community, followed by a decade in academia. When J.C. is not at DataKind, he can be found teaching Tech Strategy or Business Analytics at New York University.

Nicole Iden

Director of Operations

Nicole is a technology, efficiency and operations enthusiast. Over the past 15 years, she has designed processes and strategies to optimize efficiency, profitability, and customer experience at organizations ranging from Capital One Bank to Grameen Foundation and at a microfinance bank in Nairobi while she was a Global Fellow with Acumen. When she's not knee deep in spreadsheets, you can find Nicole cooking, eating, and weightlifting (and likely eating again).

Erin Akred

Data Scientist and Head of DataKind Labs

Erin is a former Presidential Innovation Fellow and data and analytics specialist who focuses on improving the human experience through sustainability, education, and healthy lifestyles.  Her work over the past 15 years spans industries and academia across the public and private sectors.  Erin’s work has resulted in multiple patents and awards, illustrating the art of the possible in a world of abundant data.

Jeanette Chin

PR & Communications Manager

Jeanette is a communications pro that has spent the past 15 years leading public relations programs for a variety of businesses and organizations including home furnishings giant, IKEA; legendary wine region, the Napa Valley; and the South Dakota Department of Tourism. She is now harnessing the power of PR for the greater good with DataKind. A native New Yorker, during her downtime Jeanette likes to bake, watch films and explore the city with her daughter Paige.

Peter Darche

Data Engineer

Peter is a graduate of NYU's ITP program and lover of all manner of data-driven do-goodery.  At ITP he focused primarily on using personal data to improve personal social and environmental impact.  Prior to graduate school, he taught in NYC public schools with Teach for America and Uncommon Schools.

Marissa Davis

Network Lead

Marissa is a bridge-figure, social engineer, and fierce advocate for the self-determination of historically disenfranchised communities. She brings to DataKind years of leadership and community building experience in the social sector across the areas of social entrepreneurship, public policy, nonprofit development, and law. Prior to joining DataKind, she was the Director of Leadership and Civic Engagement for RISE San Diego. She received her Master's in Public Policy, with a concentration in social and urban policy, from Harvard Kennedy School as a Public Service Fellow and is also a proud alumna of Swarthmore College. She originally hails from Kingston, Jamaica, and in her free time is an avid singer, traveler, a mean cook, and Co-President of Harvard Kennedy School's Black Alumni Association.

Michael Dowd

Data Scientist

Michael is a recent graduate of  MIT with masters degrees in city planning and transportation. He is  a transportation planner, modeler, coder, GIS expert and civic data enthusiast. He hails from Seattle, WA but has lived most of his adult life in  NYC. While attending MIT, he worked on modeling the potential impacts of climate change and inundation on the Boston Metro region. He loves writing code, civic data, studying transportation, and all things geospatial.

Raluca Dragusanu

Data Scientist

Raluca is a data scientist and economist who is passionate about using data to answer questions and tell stories about people and companies around the world. She has a PhD in business economics from Harvard where she specialized in economic development and international trade.

Heidi Hernandez Gatty

Senior Network Strategist

Heidi is a leading expert on nonprofit management, organizational development, governance, and infrastructure and spent ten years as the Network Coordinator for the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors.  Most recently, Heidi was the Director of Acceleration Services at Citizen Engagement Lab where she was responsible for running an acceleration program for leading social change entrepreneurs.

Jordan Goldmeier

Senior Insight Manager

Jordan Goldmeier is an experienced data scientist and business strategist, focusing on the best ways to realize value from data projects. He hails from the consulting industry, including stints with Ernst & Young and Booz Allen Hamilton, supporting projects across the globe. He is the author of two books on Excel development, and has been recognized by Microsoft for his contributions to technical communities. At DataKind, he provides technical and business leadership to high impact projects. Outside of DataKind, Jordan frequently speaks at conferences on working with and visualizing data. 

Sina Kashuk

Data Scientist

Sina is an alumnus of the Insight Data Science Fellowship program, with experience in machine learning and statistical analysis, as well as computer vision, time series and geospatial analysis. He applied data science to flood resilience efforts for several years at NYU & CUNY. He especially enjoys creating interactive and accessible ways to visualize data. Although he started his data science career coding on his Commodore 64 at age 7, his Ph.D. is in Civil Engineering from NYU School of Engineering.

Dave Parry

Partnerships Associate

Hailing from the UK, Dave previously worked in British politics focused on voting statistics and fundraising before serving as Chief of Staff to a senior politician. He then spent two years in Paris working in the research department of an investment company and as an English Teacher before moving to New York.

Sophie Reiser

Head of Corporate Partnerships

As DataKind's Head of Corporate Partnerships, Sophie develops and implements programs that help corporate partners engage their employees, build their brand, and make a bigger impact in the world while leading the Data for Good movement. Sophie comes to DataKind with an extensive background working with brands and rightsholders to expand their engagement efforts through sports, entertainment, nonprofit, and digital partnerships. As a former professional soccer player and International Relations major at Columbia University, she loves making connections between global corporations and humanitarian missions. Originally from Seattle, and having recently moved to DataKind's San Francisco office, Sophie can be found adventuring outdoors, volunteering, and checking out new music in her free time.  

Sydney Rose

Strategic Partnerships and Programs Manager

Sydney is a skilled nonprofit management professional with a history of executing best practices for the increased collaboration, efficacy, and impact of leading mission-driven organizations and social actors. Most recently, Sydney was the Program Manager for the Social Enterprise Division of the Harvard Business School Club of New York. There, she managed the daily operations and structure of Community Partners, the organization's pro bono strategic management consulting program, and oversaw other initiatives related to social enterprise. She received her Bachelors in International Studies from Boston College and a Masters in Social Enterprise Administration from Columbia University. Sydney currently serves on the Board of Directors of ECPAT-USA, a leading anti-trafficking organization. She is also the founding president of their Young Professionals Board. 

Magdalen Sangiolo

Partnerships Manager

Magdalen previously worked in development and communications at the Center Against Domestic Violence in Brooklyn. Her background also includes community organizing for Organizing for America and marketing for an e-commerce start up. Magdalen received her B.A. in U.S. History from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Jackie Weiser

Sr. Data Scientist

Jackie spent nine years working in banking and insurance in Chicago where most of her data science experience was with commercial property insurance using a vast property dataset to develop models that quantify risk of large scale catastrophes such as hurricanes, earthquakes and terrorism. She moved to New York to attend Metis Data Science Bootcamp where her final project sought to identify roadblocks in high school math education. Since moving to New York, she has also worked at a cyber security start-up using machine learning to detect cyber security threats and at an advertising agency creating tools using computer vision and unsupervised learning. Jackie has BS degrees in Mathematics and Physics from University of New Hampshire and a MS degree in Applied Mathematics from Northwestern University.

Miriam Young

Head of Communications & Culture

Miriam has built her career supporting the pro bono movement, bringing business, technology and social sector experts together to change the world. Previously working at Taproot Foundation and NPower, Miriam continues to be inspired by the talented professionals that use their skills to give back. Miriam is fascinated by cross-cultural communication, graduating from the University of Illinois in Commercial French and International Studies.

Our Board

  • Jake Porway

    Founder and Executive Director of DataKind, Jake is a machine learning and technology enthusiast who loves nothing more than seeing good values in data. He founded DataKind in the hopes of creating a world in which every social organization has access to data capacity to better serve humanity. He was most recently the data scientist in the New York Times R&D lab and remains an active member of the data science community. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Columbia University and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Statistics from UCLA.

  • Mike Olson

    Co-founder and CSO of Cloudera, the standard for Apache Hadoop in the enterprise. Mike has an extensive career in open source software and databases. He has Bachelor's and Master's degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

  • Elizabeth Grossman

    Director of Civic Projects in the Technology and Civic Engagement group at Microsoft Corporation, Elizabeth designs and executes strategic partnerships to leverage technology for civic priorities. Previously, she worked on technology, research, and science policy at the U.S. House of Representatives and the National Academy of Sciences.  Her B.A. is from Swarthmore College and her M.S. and Ph.D. are in Computational Physics from the University of Chicago.

  • Mari Kuraishi

    Co-Founder and President at GlobalGiving. Mari co-founded GlobalGiving with Dennis Whittle, and currently leads the organization. Before GlobalGiving, she worked at the World Bank where she managed and created some of the Bank's most innovative projects.

  • Jon Sotsky

    Director of Strategy and Assessment at the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Jon manages research and evaluation initiatives across Knight Foundation’s focus areas of civic innovation, journalism and media, and the arts, supporting a data-driven approach to strategy and advancing knowledge in the field.

Our Advisors

  • HyeSook Chung

    Executive Director of DC Action for Children. For the past 15 years, HyeSook Chung has worked to improve the lives of children through direct service, advocacy and program management and coordinated activities for the presidential task force on early childhood development.

  • Mark Hansen

    Director at the David and Helen Gurley Brown Institute for Media Innovation.  Mark joined Columbia's Journalism School in 2012 after holding appointments in the Department of Statistics, the Department of Design Media Arts, and the Department of Electrical Engineering at UCLA.

  • Kevin Starr

    Managing Director at Mulago Foundation. Kevin established the Rainer Arnhold Fellows Program in 2003 to apply Mulago's principles and tools to help social entrepreneurs turn good ideas into lasting change at scale.

  • Andrew Zolli

    Curator and Executive Director at PopTech.  Andrew is a futures researcher who studies the complex forces at the intersection of technology, sustainability and global society that are shaping our future. 


  • Mayur Patel

    VP of Strategy at the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, where he is responsible for aiding ongoing strategy development, strengthening research and knowledge management capabilities and assessing the impact and effectiveness of the foundation’s efforts.

  • Jeff Stanger

    Founding Director of the Center for Digital Information which helps foundations and research organizations re-imagine their output for digital media. Jeff was previously president of NetCampaign and Washington director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center.

  • DJ Patil

    U.S. Chief Data Scientist.  DJ has held roles across academia, industry, government at places like LinkedIn, eBay and PayPal. In 2015, he was named the White House's first ever Chief Data Scientist and Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Data Policy.

  • Hilary Mason

    Data Scientist in Residence at Accel.  Hilary is also co-founder of HackNY, co-host of DataGotham, a member of NYCResistor and is on Mayor Bloomberg's Technology and Innovation Council. She believes technology should give us superpowers.

  • Matthew Klein

    Executive director of New York City's Center for Economic Opportunity. Matt previously served as Executive Director of Blue Ridge Foundation New York, a social innovation incubator supporting start-up technology based ventures that advance opportunity and upward mobility in the US.

  • Cheryl Heller

    Founding Chair, Design for Social Innovation at SVA.  Cheryl has helped grow businesses from small regional enterprises to multi-billion global market leaders, launched category-redefining divisions and products, reinvigorated moribund cultures, and jump-started dozens of successful entrepreneurs. 

  • Josh Greenberg

    Director of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation's Digital Information Technology program. Josh has a PhD in Science & Technology Studies and is focused on digitally-networked services and tools to support myriad forms of public engagement and participation.           

  • Drew Conway

    A data scientist and leading expert in the application of computational methods to social and behavioral problems at large-scale. Drew has been writing and speaking about the role of data and the discipline of data science in industry, government, and academia for several years. 

  • Lucy Bernholz

    A philanthropy wonk and visiting scholar at Stanford University's Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, Lucy's writing led Fast Company to choose her site as one of its “Best Blogs” and The Huffington Post named her a “game changer” for her ideas about the future of philanthropy. 

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